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THE WBF BOOK SERIES- ISA 95 Implementation Experiences

Book Description

THE WBF BOOK SERIES-APPLYING ISA 95 Implementation Experiences features: * Explanation of ISA 95 and ERP-MES integration * How to map SAP PP-PI, ISAN 94 Production Schedule and ISA 95 Production Performance * How to Use ISA 95 as a manufacturing enterprise Analytic tool ISA (International Society of Automation) standards 88 and 95 are manufacturing standards established in the late 1990s and periodically updated by the governing bodies responsible for them--the Instrumentation Society of America and the American National Standards Institute). The two standards set up protocols and uniform specifications for batch control systems, including types of control equipment, design of control systems and interpretation of batch control data. In Volume 4, the reader will find examples and case studies of how the ISA 95 standard is used to integrate manufacturing operations with the rest of the business enterprise--from inventory to accounting to customer relations. The ISA 88 and 95 standards have been around (and periodically updated) for nearly 20 years now, but little really helpful has been published on how to put those standards into use, particularly from a pragmatic, real-life experience point of view. The four books in this new series will do exactly that: explain to the manufacturing engineer, the controls engineers, and the industrial planner and manager alike how these standards translate into improved batch and continuous process operations--and ultimately how those operations can be integrated and automated into the general business operations (accounting, inventory, customer relations, product development) of the manufacturing concern.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. List of Figures
  6. List of Tables
  7. WBF Foreword
  8. Foreword by Walt Boyes
  9. Preface
  10. 1 ISA-95 Business Case Evolves through Applications and Methodologies
  11. 2 ISA-95: A Model for Business Intelligence
  12. 3 Getting an Organization Ready for ISA-95: Designing and Implementing Plant Models within Enterprise Applications
  13. 4 ISA-95 Enables Flexible Discrete Manufacturing
  14. 5 Mapping ISA-95 Production Schedules, ISA-95 Production Performance, and ISA-88
  15. 6 Implementation of Object Models for a UHT Milk Line as a Case Study
  16. 7 B2MML for Plant Maintenance and Asset Management in a Global, Service-oriented MES Scenario
  17. 8 Data Transaction Efficiency in Batch Control: Eliminating the Middleman
  18. 9 ISA-95 Implementation Best Practices Workflow Descriptions Using B2MML
  19. 10 Translating Process Control System Data into Business Decision Information in Manufacturing Facilities
  20. 11 Closing the Gap: B2MML Driving Successful Integration
  21. 12 ISA-95 Integration between SAP R/3 and Batch in Pharmaceutical Applications
  22. 13 Setting the Standard for ERP and MES Integration
  23. 14 How to Implement an MES without Making a Mess
  24. 15 How to Use ISA-95 Part 3 for MES Functional User Requirement Specifications
  25. 16 Establishing and Maintaining ISA-95 Standards Is Great … But It’s Even Better if They Are Consistently Executed across All Operations
  26. 17 Best Practices for MES User Requirement Specifications
  27. 18 ISA-95 Applied as an Analysis Tool
  28. 19 Avoid a Mess by Building an ISA-95 Compliant MES
  29. 20 Building MES Applications with ISA-95
  30. Index