CHAPTER 12 The More Money Mindset

The possession of anything begins in the mind.

—Bruce Lee

We know we've made the concepts of financial abundance and infinite wealth sound straightforward, and we hope that we've described them clearly enough for you at least to grasp them theoretically. What is not so easy is adopting and applying the attitudes we're describing. You may have to unravel many long-held opposing beliefs before you can fully embrace these new attitudes.

Becoming a wealthy person has to start with practicing a wealthier mindset. This is not something we are taught at school. So how are we expected to know how to do it?

Before we look at some of the key beliefs that you need to adopt in order to tune into the more money mindset let's get one thing crystal clear. No matter what the media tells you, no matter what your boss tells you, no matter what your yoga teacher tells you…the world is not going to run out of money. Ever! Most of the money we use these days is virtual anyway. Furthermore, our major currencies are no longer tied to the gold standard. In fact, as of the time of writing (early 2014) no country in the world has its currency tied to the gold standard.

Be assured of one thing…there is always going to be more money!

And so it follows that if the amount of money that exists in the world is infinite, then the amount of money you potentially have access to is also infinite.

Here are a few more concepts you need to embrace before you can be on your way to ...

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