“Who is your book for?”

Whenever I revealed to people that I was writing The Work Revolution, they were curious about my target audience. And every single time they asked, I was caught off-guard.

“Well,” I’d start to say, “everyone?”

Then I would second-guess myself and give them the answer I believed they were really waiting to hear: leaders and managers, entrepreneurs, organizational development consultants, and so on.

But, in fact, I stand by my original answer. We all work. Even if we don’t have formal jobs, we do work of some kind, almost every day.

Self-help books are designed to teach people about themselves, and how to cope in their worlds. Interestingly, in most of these books, work is often a subchapter, or a tangent. In my life, however, work looms very large, both because it defines me and because I devote so much time to it. When I am happy at work, I tend to be happy in life. And when my work is a struggle, it negatively taints my entire outlook and existence. Anyone can relate to being miserable at work, and each of us can stand to improve his or her relationship with work.

Chalk it up to my positive-thinking childhood, but I believe we are capable of finding joy in both our work and play. Thus, I am hereby calling this a work-help book.

Although I might not have all of the answers, in The Work Revolution I share my philosophy and the principles that, cumulatively so far, have come closest to delivering joy in my work existence. This book is about reviving ...

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