More on Impact to Come

Focusing on impact, not activities, is the overarching principle in the Work Revolution. Every other principle in this book further illuminates the ultimate goal of creating impact:

  • In the next chapter, “Energy, Not Schedules” I address the obsolescence of standard work hours and time cards, and explain how to follow the natural rivers of energy to do more with less.
  • The notion of treating individuals as problem solvers and indispensable talent is core to the ideas in Chapter 6, “Strengths, Not Job Slots.”
  • Asking why is key to the prioritization process, and is the subject of Chapter 7, “The Right Things, Not Everything.”
  • Making the shift from authoritarian management to democratic problem solving is detailed in Chapter 8, “Grassroots, Not Top-Down.”

As you delve into each of these chapters, you’ll see that they crisscross, relating over and over to the fundamental theme of empowering individuals to solve problems for the organizations they work in.

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