Starting a Work Revolution means finding every opportunity to do work that is perfectly suited to our strengths. When this happens, time flies; we actually gain energy from working. If we could create a world in which everyone was doing their life’s work, there would be energy explosions every day, on every corner of the planet.

Table 6.2 offers a recap of all you can do to shift away from job slots to strengths.

Table 6.2 Summary of Strengths, Not Job Slots, for Organizations, Leaders, and Individuals

Individuals Define your strengths—observation at work and assessments are great tools.Share your strengths with your manager and leads.Ditch the guilt around ditching work that doesn’t work for you.
Leaders Define the vision for the team; what you are trying to achieve.Assess the strengths on your team.Allocate work based on strengths alignment.Fill team roles by focusing on diversity of strengths.Embrace automation.
Organizations Define your organizational mission and culture—what you do, and how.Hire the way you date—find people who belong.Create liquidity between roles and teams so that individuals can find their true organizational home.


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