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The World At Your Feet

Book Description

"Sabirul Islam emulates what we call a true entrepreneur and the success which the book brings can really create the entrepreneurs of tomorrow" – Peter Jones of Dragon's Den and bestselling author. Sabirul Islam was born and raised in a deprived area. At aged 14, he entered the UK Young Enterprise competition and became an entrepreneur by starting up a website design company. Merrill Lynch then selected him for their Atlantic Fellowship during which he learned about the world of investment. Today, one of Sabirul's main aims is to inspire others to make the most of their lives. In this personal and inspiring book, Sabirul describes how he started out and what motivated him to dig deep into entrepreneurial success. He shows readers how to put their talent and abilities to use to bring success and happiness into their lives. Sabirul's "Three Strikes" – intensity, integrity, intelligence – are the foundations on which most of us can become tomorrow's successful entrepreneurs and have the world at your feet.