Chapter 17. Tony's Advanced-Standing Selling Secrets


"The most important thing in life is not to capitalize on your gains. Any fool can do that. The really important thing is to profit from your losses. That requires intelligence; and it makes the difference between a man of sense and a fool."

 --William Bolitho, American author

"'Tis the set of the sail that decides the goal, and not the storm of life."

 --Ella Wheeler Wilcox, American writer

"You can't control the wind. But you can control your sails."

 --Tony Robbins, motivational writer and speaker

"There are a lot of ways to skin a cat out there when you're pushing product. (Apologies to all cat lovers; I'm a dog person myself.) I always ask my friends (and an occasional enemy) who are in sales to let me in on them. A lot of people in the framing business are generous and they share. I'm always amazed how many selling spins there are I never heard of till they tell me."

 --Rita Russian, businesswoman and blogger

Tony's Advanced-Standing Selling Secrets

Show Up

Woody Allen's iconic line that "Ninety percent of success is showing up" is more than just a laugh.

It's a useful lesson that any business professional would be well advised to learn.

What does it mean, exactly?

It means that if you're not on the phone; if you're not on the list; if you're not at the party; if you're not knocking on doors; if you're not sending out flyers; if you're not pasted on the walls, making appointments, calling prospects, building your web site, social ...

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