List of Acronyms/Abbreviations

μS Microsiemens

a, abs Absolute

A Ash (content in coal)/ampere

ABMA American Boiler Manufacturers Association

A/C Air/cloth

AC Alternating current/air conditioning

ACF Activated carbon filter

ACW Auxiliary cooling water

ad Air dried

AFBC Atmospheric fluidized bed combustion

AFR Air-fuel ratio

AH Air heater

AHS Ash handling system

a.k.a. Also known as

ANSI American National Standards Institute

APC Auxiliary power consumption

API American Petroleum Institute

APS Automatic plant start-up and shutdown system

AQC Air quality control (ESP/bag filter and FGD)

ar As received

AS Auxiliary steam

ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASTM American Society for Testing & Materials

atm Atmosphere

AVR Automatic voltage ...

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