C.1aSaturated water, temperature table (English units)2
C.1bSaturated water, temperature table (metric units)4
C.2aSaturated water, pressure table (English units)6
C.2bSaturated water, pressure table (metric units)8
C.3aSuperheated water (English units)10
C.3bSuperheated water (metric units)14
C.4aCompressed water (English units)18
C.4bCompressed water (metric units)19
C.5aSaturated ammonia (English units)21
C.5bSaturated ammonia (metric units)22
C.6aSuperheated ammonia (English units)24
C.6bSuperheated ammonia (metric units)26
C.7aSaturated Refrigerant-134a, temperature table (English units)28
C.7bSaturated Refrigerant-134a, pressure table (English units)29
C.7cSaturated Refrigerant-134a, temperature table (metric units)30
C.7dSaturated Refrigerant-134a, ...

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