Think Like a Marketer

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“I feel so empowered with Lauron’s clear, practical marketing strategies. She shows you how to make marketing automatic, and as a business owner, that’s exactly what I need. No business should run without this information.”

— Valerie Boudreaux-Allen, First Step Business Training & Consulting; Houston’s SBA’s Women in Business Champion, 2007

Do you find marketing to be confusing, difficult, or overwhelming? Are you not sure where to begin? Do you have a plan, but don’t know how to make it happen?

To act and succeed like a marketer, you must first think like one. When you do, marketing becomes routine, focused, and successful as you take clear, confident steps to grow your business every day.

Think Like a Marketer takes the mystery out of marketing. It addresses head-on the principles that must guide every action, decision, and communication that affect your business. In addition, it gives you practical, real-life guidance that you can apply immediately after reading.

Chock-full of specific examples and proven processes, Think Like a Marketer will teach and show you how to:

• Think, act, and communicate like a marketing pro.

• Identify and capitalize on the marketing opportunities that abound in your business every day (but are usually missed).

• Stand out in a cluttered and overcrowded marketplace.

• “Stir the pot” to build and maintain marketing momentum.

• Devise a practical marketing strategy that will show positive results, even on a bare-bones budget.

With Think Like a Marketer, you’ll be prepared to put marketing into action and turn yourself and your business into a marketing machine!

Lauron Sonnier is president of Sonnier Marketing & Communications, Inc. (Houston, Texas). She has helped countless companies, managers, and entrepreneurs put marketing into action to grow their businesses on a daily basis. A member of the National Speakers Association, Sonnier presents powerful marketing ideas and strategies to audiences throughout the country. She has been featured in numerous local and national publications. She holds a BS in Communciations and spent 20 years in the marketing trenches, working in television, public relations, and advertising. A Cajun from Louisiana, Sonnier couldn’t talk if you tied her hands

Table of Contents

  1. Praise
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Introduction
  8. PHASE 1 - Getting Into a Marketing Mindset
    1. Chapter 1 - Inside the Marketer’s Head
    2. Chapter 2 - What Smart Marketers Know
      1. Getting Straight on Marketing
    3. Chapter 3 - Marketing by Principle
      1. Principle 1: Everything Is Marketing
      2. Principle 2: Everyone Is a Marketer
      3. Principle 3: Marketing Is Not Sales
      4. Principle 4: It’s Not All About You
      5. Principle 5: It’s Not Just What You Do, but How You Do It That Counts
      6. Principle 6: Consistency and Constancy Are Key
      7. Principle 7: Marketing Must Be Constant in Thought and Constant in Action
  9. PHASE 2 - Stir the Pot
    1. Chapter 4 - Putting Marketing in Motion
      1. Discovering the Magic of Stirring the Pot
      2. The Cost of Not Stirring
      3. It Takes a Mix
      4. Stirring All of Your Pots
    2. Chapter 5 - Stirring the Right Things
      1. The Five-Step, Stir the Pot! Method
      2. Stir Awareness
      3. Stir Emotion
      4. Stir Conviction
      5. Stir Word-of-Mouth
  10. PHASE 3 - Standing Out From the Crowd, the Clutter, and the Competition
    1. Chapter 6 - How Do You Stand Out?
      1. You Already Do Stand Out
      2. Getting Clear on How You Stand Out
      3. Your Customers Want You to Stand Out
      4. Taking Your Stand
    2. Chapter 7 - Getting Your Image and Identity in Sync
      1. Lining Things Up
      2. Consequences of Misalignment
      3. Want to Buy a Car?
      4. Dimensions of Identity
      5. Image and Identity Gone Bad
    3. Chapter 8 - Who Are You Anyway?
      1. Your List of Attributes
      2. Time to Decide
    4. Chapter 9 - Time to Stand Out
      1. Get Out of the Gray
      2. Consider Your Context
      3. It Doesn’t Take Much
    5. Chapter 10 - The Four Secrets to Standing Out
      1. Do Different Things
      2. Do Common Things Differently
      3. Spread Happiness; Stir Emotions
      4. Be Consistent
      5. Putting Them All Together
  11. PHASE 4 - Establish the Systems That Make Marketing Happen
    1. Chapter 11 - Making Marketing Practical, Focused, and Routine
      1. Getting a Good Plan
      2. What Makes a Good Marketing Plan
      3. Turning Your Plan Into a System
      4. Getting Organized
    2. Chapter 12 - Marketing Opportunities Here, There, and Everywhere
      1. Uncovering Your Internal Marketing Opportunities
      2. What Is the Marketing Opportunity Here?
      3. Uncovering Your Marketing Opportunities
      4. It’s All Marketing
    3. Chapter 13 - Identify Your Common “Service Points”
      1. Making the Most of Your Service Points
      2. What’s Your Y?
    4. Chapter 14 - So Many Tools to Work With
      1. Internal Marketing Tools for Every Business
      2. External Marketing Tools
      3. Make an Actionable Marketing Plan
      4. SMAC Marketing Detail
      5. On a Technical Note
      6. The Process
      7. Just Start
  12. PHASE 5 - Talk Like a Marketer
    1. Chapter 15 - How You Say It
      1. How You Say It
      2. The Mindset
      3. Are You Talking to Me?
      4. Getting From “We” to “You”
      5. Getting Specific
      6. Know-Think-Feel-Do
      7. Say It Like You Mean It
      8. Kill the Marketing-Speak
      9. Stir Emotions
      10. Sell It With Headlines
      11. Call in the Subs
      12. End All Communications With a Call to Action
      13. Create Urgency
      14. Make Your Communications Scannable
      15. Don’t Be Afraid of Long Copy
      16. What’s Your Point?
      17. Establish Graphic and Communication Standards
      18. Be Consistent
      19. Say It With Pictures—or Video
      20. Tell Them What You Do, Not Just What You Are
    2. Chapter 16 - The Power of Questions
      1. Everyday Marketing Questions
      2. Questions to Ask Targets
      3. Use Questions to Get Targets Saying Yes
    3. Chapter 17 - Writing a Killer Marketing Letter
      1. The Formula
      2. Before You Write, Ask
      3. Simple Formula for an Effective Marketing Letter
      4. A Letter to Baby Sarah
      5. After You Write
  13. PHASE 6 - Keeping Marketing in Motion
    1. Chapter 18 - Avoiding Common Marketing Mistakes
      1. Mistake 1: Underestimate your real impact on customers.
      2. Mistake 2: Focus too much on running your business than building your business.
      3. Mistake 3: Make marketing so complicated that it doesn’t get done.
      4. Mistake 4: Hesitate to spend money.
      5. Mistake 5: Do production work you aren’t qualified to do.
      6. Mistake 6:Try to be too professional.
      7. Mistake 7: Fly by the seat of your pants.
      8. Mistake 8: Don’t make marketing routine.
      9. Mistake 9: Don’t maintain a reliable database.
      10. Mistake 10: Have scatter-brained messages and efforts.
      11. Mistake 11:Talk only about yourself.
      12. Mistake 12: Data dump.
      13. Mistake 13:Try to reach too many targets too little.
      14. Mistake 14: Miss marketing opportunities inherent in the day-to-day running of ...
      15. Mistake 15: Don’t know what to do, so you do nothing at all.
      16. Mistake 16: Give up too soon on a marketing initiative.
    2. Chapter 19 - Maintaining a Marketing Mindset
      1. 1. Get your entire team involved in developing your marketing plan.
      2. 2. Share your marketing plan with your entire company.
      3. 3. Tell your staff what’s in it for them.
      4. 4. Demonstrate that marketing is a top priority for the company.
      5. 5. Define the marketing role of every employee.
      6. 6. Train every employee on the basics of marketing.
      7. 7. Get your team excited about marketing.
      8. 8. Divide and conquer.
      9. 9. Post marketing motivators and reminders around the workplace.
      10. 10. Make your team accountable for upholding your marketing standards and systems.
      11. 11. Hold faith in your marketing.
    3. Chapter 20 - Stirring the Pot When You’re the Pot
      1. Stir Awareness
      2. Stir Emotion
      3. Stir Mindfulness
      4. Stir Conviction
      5. Stir Word-of-Mouth
    4. Chapter 21 - Final Call to Action
  14. About the Author

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  • Title: Think Like a Marketer
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2009
  • Publisher(s): Career Press
  • ISBN: 9781601630735