Think One Team, 2nd Edition

Book description

Inspire and empower your team to collaborate across any boundary

Think One Team, 2nd Edition: The Revolutionary 90 Day Plan that Engages Employees, Connects Silos and Transforms Organisations weaves a fascinating and entertaining tale that reveals how a simple change in approach can free your organisation of silo-based thinking, and empower your team to act as a single unit. This imaginative, yet practical text is fully revised and updated, and has been specifically designed to guide you in creating and sustaining the agile, teamwork-focused environment that is essential to thriving in a rapidly changing world. Throughout this enlightening resource, you will explore the five practices that define the difference between fragmented, silo-based groups and a team that thinks and acts as one.

In the business world, when teams are not aligned and don't collaborate across the various boundaries, they put the whole organisation at risk. This irritates customers, frustrates employees and causes countless lost opportunities. Think One Team gives you the step-by-step guide to unlock the potential in your own team and to inspire others by showing them that the era of silo thinking is over.

  • Break down old and outdated silo-based thinking habits, and replace them with nimble and effective decision-making methods
  • Drive change through collaboration and co-creation, empowering teams to respond and adapt quickly
  • Coach your team to think, learn and act as a single unit, rather than a fractured collection of independent professionals
  • Leverage an online toolbox brimming with materials that reinforce lessons on how to lead and how to build and connect effective teams

Think One Team, 2nd Edition: The Revolutionary 90 Day Plan that Engages Employees, Connects Silos and Transforms Organisations is an engaging book that breaks the cycle of silo-based thinking and empowers your team to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Table of contents

  1. about the author
  2. acknowledgements
  3. introduction
  4. part I the story of the big jelly bean team
    1. 1 real conversations
      1. the staff canteen
      2. current reality
      3. a resignation
      4. a new o’donnell
    2. 2 get the values off the wall
      1. a transformation
      2. 1 pm, coogee beach, sydney
      3. never leave a vacuum
      4. when strengths become weaknesses
      5. 3 pm executive meeting — end of the spin
      6. divided we fall
      7. setting the highest bar
    3. 3 the compelling case
      1. fast forward
      2. hitting the spot
      3. and then along came joe
      4. it’s not about teamwork
    4. 4 the five shares
      1. big picture or separate agendas?
      2. meanwhile‥
      3. back in the training room
      4. share reality or avoid and deny?
      5. more reality
      6. cyb (cover your backside)
      7. share the air or stifle communication?
      8. share the load or look after your own turf?
      9. share the wins and losses, or play ‘I win, you lose’?
      10. hopes and squirms
    5. 5 engagement begins
    6. 6 united leadership
      1. united leadership team foundation
      2. the team: right purpose, right people?
      3. the induction workshop
      4. get the ACL and spin it at the right speed
    7. 7 leading collaborative change
      1. getting started
      2. shared language and tools
      3. sky to ground
      4. four core capabilities
      5. ready for launch
      6. stop, start, continue
      7. share the reality
      8. simplicity wins
      9. who’s the competition?
      10. executive team: doing the workout together
    8. 8 transformation — the new norm
      1. it’s about attitude
      2. the first ‘think one team’ workshop
    9. 9 acceleration
      1. three months later
    10. 10 inspiration
      1. six months later, kowloon, hong kong
      2. the ‘think one team’ experience
  5. part II the think one team™ method
    1. the silos are not guilty
    2. the foundation
    3. the learning loop (ACL)
      1. to recap‥
    4. united leadership
      1. what united leaders do
      2. lifting the unity across all leaders
      3. united leadership teams
    5. leading collaborative change
      1. how to minimise the silo effect during change initiatives
      2. which capabilities and tools are needed?
    6. embedding the five shares into team-to-team collaboration
      1. share the big picture
      2. share the reality
      3. share the air
      4. share the load
      5. share the wins and losses
    7. think one team™ programs
      1. two foundation programs
      2. core capability programs
      3. what’s different?
      4. why ‘think one team’?
    8. summary
    9. sample chapter: first be nimble
    10. chapter 1 turbulence
      1. the perfect storm
      2. alex reid
      3. a spark of innovation
  6. EULA

Product information

  • Title: Think One Team, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Graham Winter
  • Release date: December 2015
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780730324751