Chapter 9. Wireless Access

“They do not use lasers, they do not use radio, they do not use hyperwave. What are they using for communication? Telepathy? Written messages? Big mirrors?”

“Parrots,” Louis suggested. He got up to join them at the door to the control room. “Huge parrots, specially bred for their oversized lungs. They’re too big to fly. They just sit on hilltops and scream at each other.”


9.1 Wireless Insecurity Myths

Among the stories that one hears is that wireless, and in particular 802.11 (AKA Wi-Fi), is inherently and horribly insecure. Is it? As is often the case, the answer is “it depends.”

The way to understand the Wi-Fi problem is to realize that there are really four different issues: ability to talk ...

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