ThinWire™ Handbook: A Guide to Creating Effective Ajax Applications

Book description

Would you like to create powerful Ajax applications without having to be a JavaScript expert? Are you a Java developer who is looking for a better way to build rich web applications? In this book we’ll introduce you to ThinWire, an innovative open source Ajax framework that strives to empower Java developers of all skill levels. Learn how to create responsive, expressive & interactive web applications with ease. Rather than requiring you to work in the dual worlds of client & server side programming, with ThinWire you write your entire application in Java on the server-side, without writing any JavaScript, HTML or CSS. ThinWire accomplishes this feat by encapsulating the underlying client-side rendering and data communication layers, instead providing you with a clean Java component model for dealing with familiar concepts such as a buttons, trees, or grids.

Use the ThinWire Handbook as a developer guide while building your ThinWire applications or just as a way to learn more about this innovative framework. Either way, the handbook provides complete coverage of all the goodies that the framework has to offer, giving you everything you need to know to build virtually any kind of Ajax web application. Whether you’re looking to tackle a small personal project or a large enterprise class project, ThinWire has the power to deliver and with the ThinWire Handbook by your side, you’ll have the know-how.

Product information

  • Title: ThinWire™ Handbook: A Guide to Creating Effective Ajax Applications
  • Author(s): Joshua Gertzen, Ted C. Howard
  • Release date: July 2007
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780132366229