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This Note's For You

Book Description

From Coca-Cola to Chrysler, this book takes the reader behind the curtain of some of the best popular music in advertising campaigns of all time. It is little know fact that fog played a critical role in the “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” campaign and that while taping the “Lose Yourself” video, the choir had no idea Eminem would show up. Originally the Doors were to be in the Cadillac commercials, not Led Zeppelin, but one of the members of The Doors discovered that Cadillac made the Escalade and suddenly declined because he felt it was environmentally unfriendly. This Note’s For You talks of the people who created the campaigns with the songs we remember the most. This collection of award-winning music in advertising campaigns is not available together anywhere else. It shows where this art in advertising form has been, where it is now, and provides the foundation for where it will go.