Chapter 17Bringing Threat Modeling to Your Organization

This chapter starts from the assumption that your organization does not threat model. If that assumption is wrong, the chapter may still help you bring more advanced threat modeling to your organization, or better organize the threat modeling you perform to generate greater impact. What you've learned through this point in the book can be applied by an individual without organizational support. This chapter is for those who want to influence the practices of the organization they're working for. (Consultants will also find it helpful.)

There are many ways to introduce a new practice to your organization. One is to stand up in front of everyone and say, “I just read this awesome book, and we should totally do this!” Another is to say, “I just tried this, and look how many bugs I found!” Yet another would be to intrigue people with a copy of Elevation of Privilege, saying “Check out this cool card game!” Each of these represents a strategy, and different strategies will work or not in different situations. There are many good books on how to work within an organization. Sam Lightstone's Making It Big in Software is one of the more comprehensive for software professionals (Pearson, 2010). Obviously, one chapter can't provide all the information that a full book will, but in this chapter you'll learn a few key strategies and how to apply each of them to individual contributors. The chapter also includes a section on convincing ...

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