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Three: The Human Resources Emerging Executive

Book Description

A comprehensive guide to success in the changing HR leadership role

THREE is the definitive guidebook for thriving in the ever-changing role of HR leadership. Itis written for high potential HR emerging executives who want to accelerate their effectiveness and business impact, and for the bosses, peers, colleagues, friends, coaches, mentors, and teachers who want to assist them in doing so. Centered around three critical and complementary aspects of the role, this book explores leadership philosophy, HR's evolving role in today's organizations, and the future of HR and effective organizations to help emerging HR leaders find and establish their place in the field. The interplay between leadership and HR competencies is clearly laid out, and lessons learned from CHROs and other HR leaders, as well as academic thought leaders, form the basis of authoritative coverage of crucial components of effective HR leadership, now and in the future. The discussion simplifies the relationship between business strategy and human capital strategy; balances the "what," "who," and "when" of HR leader development, and explores the themes, trends, and implications emerging in the HR field. You'll learn how to lead change, master the art of the question, build leadership and talent, create a performance culture, understand Boardroom dynamics, and learn tips and techniques from over one hundred of the very best HR leaders. The book begins with a comprehensive self-assessment, and each chapter ends with a self-assessment specific to that chapter. Also, a wealth of tools and checklists are included to help you start immediately applying what you've learned.

HR leaders are under more pressure than ever to deliver high quality people-related solutions quickly and effectively, but they often don't have the broad foundational experience and perspective to effectively do so. This book provides the solution in the form of comprehensive examination and practical implementation of the critical components of the HR leadership role.

  • Develop a personal leadership philosophy, and behaviors for success

  • Embody the changing HR role to make people and organizations more effective

  • Ask the right questions and effectively engage other leaders

  • Create a performance-driven culture and anticipate critical resistance points

  • Anticipate and prepare for the future of work, organizations, and HR to ensure you remain relevant

  • Today's organizations demand a broader array of cross-functional and cross-organizational perspectives to address complex multi-dimensional challenges and orchestrate practical solutions. THREE is the emerging HR leader's guide to acquiring the mindset and skillset required for success.

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. THREE PulseCheck (Before)
    3. CHAPTER 1 Act Like It’s Personal
      1. Personal Leadership Philosophy
    4. CHAPTER 2 Balance the Triangle
      1. What? Who? When? Development
    5. CHAPTER 3 Follow the Money
      1. Business/Human Capital Strategy
    6. CHAPTER 4 Think from What to What
      1. Change Leadership
    7. CHAPTER 5 Master the Art of the Question
      1. Business Partnership
    8. CHAPTER 6 Build the Talenterprise™
      1. Leadership and Talent Development
    9. CHAPTER 7 Find Your WillBe™
      1. High Potential Acceleration
    10. CHAPTER 8 Navigate the Crossroads
      1. Performance Culture
    11. CHAPTER 9 Get on Board
      1. Boardroom Dynamics
    12. CHAPTER 10 Conduct the Orchestra
      1. The Future of HR
      2. Six Future of HR Themes
      3. Nine Future of HR Trends: A Deeper Dive
      4. HR’s Reach Exceeds Its Grasp
      5. HR as Orchestra Conductor
    13. CHAPTER 11 Pursue Insight
      1. New Ways of Thinking about HR
      2. The “Art of the Question” Trumps “the Answer”
      3. Environmental Scanning: A Pivotal Competency for All HR Executives
      4. References
      5. Boardroom Presence: The Most Important Capability That HR Executives Can Possess
      6. References
      7. What HR Executives Need to Know
      8. References
      9. The Development of Leadership Capability in Modern Organizations: The Role of the HR Executive
      10. Becoming an HR Professional
      11. Notes and References
      12. The HR Executive’s Most Crucial Capability? A Strategic Leadership Mindset
      13. References
      14. The Story of HR Courage
    14. CHAPTER 12 Honor HR HeRoes
      1. Lessons Learned on the Playing Field
      2. Top Themes
      3. 1. Business Acumen to Advise and Influence
    15. THREE PulseCheck (After)
    16. Epilogue
    17. Appendix 1 Personal Leadership Profile
    18. Appendix 2 Human Capital Strategy Framework
    19. Appendix 3 Performance Culture Assessment
    20. Appendix 4 ZTRON Technologies, Inc. Mini-Case Study
    21. References
    22. Acknowledgments
    23. About the Author
    24. About the Contributors
    25. Index
    26. EULA