Chapter 2. Geometries and Meshes

In this chapter, we'll cover the following recipes:

  • Rotating an object around its own axis
  • Rotating an object around a point in space
  • Informing Three.js about updates
  • Working with a large number of objects
  • Creating geometries from height maps
  • Pointing an object to another object
  • Writing text in 3D
  • Rendering 3D formulas as 3D geometries
  • Extending Three.js with a custom geometry object
  • Creating a spline curve between two points
  • Creating and exporting a model from Blender
  • Using OBJMTLLoader with multiple materials
  • Applying matrix transformations


Three.js comes with a large number of geometries that you can use out of the box. In this chapter, we'll show you some recipes that explain how you can transform these standard ...

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