TIBCO Architecture Fundamentals

Book description

"TIBCO® Architecture Fundamentals is a must-read for anybody involved with the architecture and design of distributed systems, with system integration issues, or with service-based application design." –Bert Hooyman, Chief Architect, Europe, for MphasiS (an HP Company)
"I would like all the folks on my team to read this to ensure we are all on the same page with the deliverables that are expected from architecture teams involved in global projects and the role that the TIBCO tools play in implementing these solutions."
–Joseph G. Meyer, Director of Architecture Services and R&D, Citi

TIBCO’s product suite comprises a diverse range of components. Each component is specialized for a particular functionality, ranging from basic messaging through services, service orchestration, the management of complex business processes, managing master data across multiple systems, and the interpretation of massive streams of events (complex event processing).

The architecture series from TIBCO Press comprises a coordinated set of books for software architects and developers, showing how to combine TIBCO components to design and build real-world solutions.

TIBCO® Architecture Fundamentals is the core book for understanding and using the TIBCO product suite. It focuses on the TIBCO ActiveMatrix® product suite and a handful of the other most commonly used components, including the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ and TIBCO BusinessEvents™. The book provides a sound basis for applying TIBCO products to solve the most common integration and SOA challenges faced by architects and developers. In addition, it lays the foundation for the more advanced books to be added to in the architecture series in the near future.

Designed to make the material as accessible as possible, the book starts with concrete problems architects and developers face every day, showing how to solve these problems with combinations of TIBCO (and selected third-party) products. In the context of specific design scenarios, it also discusses key concepts and decision trade-offs. To accomplish its practical aims, the book 

  • Provides practical techniques for discussing and documenting architectures

  • Presents reference architectures (design patterns) for solving common SOA and system integration problems

  • Describes each problem and solution from both business process and technical perspectives

  • Supplies an overview of the typical solution roles played by different TIBCO products

  • The book largely avoids the code-level detail already available in the product manuals, concentrating instead on blueprints for solving whole classes of problems.

    Product information

    • Title: TIBCO Architecture Fundamentals
    • Author(s): Paul C. Brown
    • Release date: May 2011
    • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
    • ISBN: 9780132762427