Time & Stress Management for Rookies

Book Description

Everyone, everywhere, needs to get things done. And most of us just about manage it – or most of the time, anyway. But wouldn’t it be great to be one of those people who always seem to be right on top of things – ahead of the game and never in a panic? With Time & Stress Management for Rookies, that’s exactly what you can be.
• Never again find yourself having to apologize for missed deadlines.
• Never again be pressured into making unrealistic promises (and end up breaking them).
• Never again find you’ve left an important email unanswered.
• Never again come to the end of a busy day wondering just where the time has gone – or dreading the next day because of a mountain of overdue tasks.
Packed full of practical ideas and easy-to-follow methods, this is an expert guide made utterly simple. In no time at all you’ll find yourself mastering straightforward but effective
strategies for managing your workload, setting achievable deadlines, prioritizing tasks, dealing with interruptions, mastering paperwork and making technology work for you.
Whether you are just starting out or an experienced old hand, Time & Stress Management for Rookies has clear and straightforward lessons that will transform both the way you work and how you feel about yourself. Improve your performance, increase your efficiency, work more effectively – and enjoy yourself more too. So – what are you waiting for?

Product Information

  • Title: Time & Stress Management for Rookies
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: June 2014
  • Publisher(s): LID Publishing
  • ISBN: 9780462099552