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Scrum Overview and Roles

Pigs and chickens? Yes, there is an easy way to understand Scrum. The first step is to learn what the roles are on the product team. Product owners need to have the ability to make informed decisions and fully execute on a role to make the project a success.

from Scrum Fundamentals by Tommy Norman

It’s Lonely at the Top

Psst, you’re not alone: 68% of managers say they don’t like managing. But it’s important to move past that by setting clear expectations, avoid micromanaging, support the effort, and hold employees accountable to get the best out of your employees and team.

from Managing For People Who Hate Managing by Devora Zack

Prioritizing Products

Success isn’t just following hunches. Dan McKinley uses interesting examples to show how new product ideas can be informed by data. Data-driven means making the case for “thinking methodically and holistically,” which will then justify your tactics and approaches.

from Data-Driven Products by Dan McKinley, Etsy

Recognize why projects are important for business success

With increased market pressures, rapid iteration, and constant feedback from customers, the product lifecycle has shrunk. The basic rules of project management have evolved as well. Give your teams the best shot at success.

from Project Management by Jeffrey Pinto

Session 2 – What Do We Need To Build a Habit

Creating a good habit or breaking a bad one can change your life. But forming customer habits are critical to you bottom line. Think about how many times you mindlessly check the social apps on your phone. This unprompted user engagement is actually a habit, and all companies need to create products that compel and inspire customers to return again and again.

from Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products Video Course by Nir Eyal

Improvise Your Practice (A Good Practice!)

Practice, practice, practice. No good presenter can just wing it. It’s critical that you think about the content you are delivering and practice. Whether it’s a weekly status update or a very important meeting, the more you practice presenting, the more confident you’ll feel.

from Be the BEST Bad Presenter Ever by Karen Hough

Humane interviewing

Interviewing starts with a lie—likely the candidate you brought in for an interview has told their boss a little white lie to get out of work. But the way you treat the candidate and their time reflects your organization as much as you and your team.

from OSCON 2015: Complete Video Compilation by Jay Goel (Rent the Runway)

Lesson 4: Using PowerPoint, Mistakes to Avoid

We all make presentations, but how do you make a great one? Your slides should support you and your story, so it’s critical to have a very focused approach to creating your slides, engaging the audience, and creating a winning presentation.

from How to Create and Deliver Great Presentations by Joel Comm and Felicia Slattery

Meeting Hacks

Directly from practitioners who not only run many meetings but give many presentations, you’ll find great tips to improve your next meeting. For example, why not pre-draw your important diagrams? Not many of us are fantastic artists, but with practice we can feel confident and relay important ideas easily. Better meetings will improve efficiency and strengthen your skills as a leader.

from Software Architecture Fundamentals People Skills by Mark Richards and Neal Ford

How to Seize Everyday Negotiation Opportunities

It’s important to understand and excel in “litte n” negotiations. These are day-to-day situations where the back and forth between people helps determine winning outcomes in each relationship. Embrace these techniques to better communicate with your coworkers and management.

from How to Seize Everyday Negotiation Opportunities by Deborah M. Kolb, professor emerita at Simmons College School of Management

How to Be an Effective Negotiator

Negotiating is scary. But by approaching it with an agile approach, you can succeed. You will need to adjust constantly during a negotiation, so having the basics down is critical, which will allow you to listen and respond like a jazz musician improvising with integrity.

from How to Be an Effective Negotiator by Michael Wheeler, professor at Harvard Business School

What Really Influences Employee Motivation

Employee motivation plays a massive role in a successful business, and it affects your customers too. Investing in company culture will create happier employees, happier customers, and a stronger company and bottom line.

from What Really Influences Employee Motivation by Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi

Get Better at One-on-One Meetings

One-on-one meetings don’t have to be difficult. These simple tips will give you structure and help you succeed at one of the most basic parts of your job. And mastering the basics of management and leadership will only help you in the long run.

from Get Better at One-on-One Meetings by Erica Truxler, Harvard Business Review and Margaret Moore, CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation

Leadership by the Numbers

Author of the best-selling book Managing Humans, Michael Lopp (known as Rands) takes a humorous view on leadership. Regardless if you are a first-time leader or a veteran who needs to recommit to the simple things, this is a must-watch piece.

from Cultivate Conference 2015 by Michael Lopp, Pinterest

The Motivation Dilemma

Motivation is a skill. And disengaged employees cost companies billions of dollars each year. To inspire organizational citizenship behavior, you must first understand that there is a proven appraisal process for understanding and fixing employee engagement. Employee work passion doesn’t come from money being thrown at it—like all changed behavior, it takes time and investment.

from Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work…and What Does by Susan Fowler

Laurel Ruma is a Strategic Content Director at O’Reilly Media. She’s had many roles at O’Reilly, including Director of Talent and Acquisitions, Gov 2.0 Evangelist, editor, and chair for a number of conferences, such as Cultivate, Gov 2.0 Expo, Where 2.0, and OSCON Java. She is the co-editor of Open Government, O’Reilly Media, 2010.

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