c-jun N-terminal kinase (Jnk), 129
Calcium phosphates (CaPs), 177–178
Calmodulin-regulated kinase II (CamKII), 136–137
cAMP response element binding protein (CREB protein), 119–120
Canonical Wnt signaling, See β-catenin
Cardiac cell entrapment, 645
Cardiac development, 73
cell interactions, 74–75
conduction, 78
extracardiac cell populations, 76
looping and chamber formation, 76, 77f
septation and valve formation, 78
stages in heart development, 75f
Cardiac neural crest cells (CNCCs), 76
Cardiac patches
bioengineering, 643
biomimetic scaffolds, 649–651
cardiac cell entrapment, 645
cell sheet-based cardiac ...

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