402 Tivoli Storage Manager V6.1 Technical Guide
If the archive log continues to grow, consider taking one or more of these actions:
Add space to the archive log. This might mean moving the archive log to a different file
system. For information about moving the archive log, see the IBM Tivoli Storage
Manager for Windows Administrator's Guide V6.1, SC23-9773.
Increase the frequency of full database backups, so that log pruning occurs more
If you defined a directory for the failover archive log, determine whether any logs get
stored in that directory during normal operations. If the failover log space is being used,
consider increasing the size of the archive log. The goal is that the failover archive log is
used only under unusual conditions, not in normal operation.
18.13 Debugging techniques
In cases where you might need to investigate log messages, there are several files in which
to find additional information.
18.13.1 Investigating log messages
Here we describe various ways to debug the installation:
Logs are available in logs.zip. For Windows, the path is <Install Dir>\logs.zip.
Start with the main log file in the following location:
Look for steps where installation has failed. This leads us to our next log:
DB2 step logs:
Administration Center step logs:
Deployment Engine logs:
C:\Program Files\IBM\Common\acsi\logs\<system user>

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