Chapter 5. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Replication with SAN Volume Controller and Storwize family 283
5.2 SAN Volume Controller
The SAN Volume Controller’s primary function is to act as a gateway, which provides a
common virtualization layer to other storage systems, such as DS8870, XIV, and supported
storage systems from other vendors (see Figure 5-1). Among other features, SAN Volume
Controller provides a common set of Advanced Copy Services functions that can be used
across all its managed storage systems, whether homogeneous or heterogeneous.
Figure 5-1 SAN Volume Controller conceptual and topology overview
SAN Volume Controller was designed under project COMmodity PArts Storage System or
COMPASS with the goal of using, as many as possible, off-the-shelf standard components.
Its hardware is based on IBM xSeries® 1U rack servers. The most recently released
hardware node, the 2145-CG8, is based on IBM System x3550 M3 server technology with an
Intel Xeon 5500 2.53 GHz quad-core processor, 24 GB of cache, four 8 Gbps Fibre Channel
ports, and two 1 GbE ports, as shown in Figure 5-2.
Figure 5-2 One pair of SAN Volume Controller 2145-CG8 nodes
The SAN Volume Controller node model CG8 now offers a FlashCopy ports expansion option
that gives you four more FlashCopy ports per node. By using this expansion option, some of
these other ports can be configured as dedicated to remote copy services connections.

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