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Top 10 Greek Islands

Book Description

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Top 10 Greek Islands will lead you straight to the very best the Greek Islands have to offer. Whether you're looking for things not to miss at the Top 10 sights or want to find the top place to eat, this guide is the perfect companion, taking the best of the printed guidebook and adding new eBook-only features. Rely on dozens of Top 10 lists--from the Top 10 museums to the Top 10 events and festivals. There's even a list of the Top 10 ways to avoid the crowds.

The guide is divided by area, each with its own photo gallery and clear maps pinpointing the top sights. You also can view each location in Google Maps if reading on an Internet-enabled device. Plan each day with our itineraries and see the sights in individual areas. You'll find the insider knowledge you need to explore every corner with DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Top 10 Greek Islands, now with a sleek new eBook design.

Table of Contents

  1. How To Use This Top 10 Guide
  2. Greek Islands’ Top 10
    1. The Greek Islands’ Highlights
    2. Corfu Old Town
    3. Rhodes Old Town
    4. Monastery of St John, Pátmos
    5. Delos
    6. Néa Moní, Híos
    7. Pythagóreio and Heraion, Sámos
    8. Phaestos Palace, Crete
    9. Palace of Knossos, Crete
    10. Temple of Aphaia, Égina
    11. Évvia
  3. Top 10 Of Everything
    1. Moments in History
    2. Bays and Beaches
    3. Natural Wonders
    4. Myths and Legends
    5. Museums and Galleries
    6. Monasteries and Churches
    7. Picturesque Villages
    8. Children’s Attractions
    9. Outdoor Activities
    10. Greek Dishes
    11. Arts and Crafts
    12. Festivals and Events
    13. Restaurants
    14. Secluded Beaches
    15. Nightlife Spots
    16. Beach Resorts
  4. Around the Greek Islands
    1. The Ionians
    2. The Cyclades
    3. Crete
    4. The Dodecanese
    5. The Northeast Aegean Islands
    6. The Sporádes and Évvia
    7. The Argo-Saronic Islands
  5. Streetsmart
    1. General Information
    2. Getting There and Around
    3. Special Concerns
    4. Specialist Holidays
    5. Banking and Communications
    6. Security and Health
    7. Budget Tips
    8. Things to Avoid
    9. Dining Tips
    10. Accommodation Tips
    11. Luxury and Mid-Range Hotels: Ionians
    12. Budget Stays and Camping: Corfu
    13. Luxury and Mid-Range Hotels: Ionians
    14. Budget Stays and Apartments: Ionians
    15. Luxury and Mid-Range Hotels: Cyclades
    16. Budget Stays and Camping: Cyclades
    17. Luxury and Mid-Range Hotels: Dodecanese
    18. Budget Stays: Dodecanese
    19. Luxury and Mid-Range Hotels: Northeast Aegean Islands
    20. Budget Stays and Camping: Northeast Aegean Islands
    21. Luxury and Mid-Range Hotels: Sporádes and Évvia
    22. Budget Stays and Camping: Sporádes and Évvia
    23. Luxury and Mid-Range Hotels: Argo-Saronic Islands
    24. Budget Stays: Argo-Saronic Islands
    25. Luxury and Mid-Range Hotels: Crete
    26. Budget Stays and Camping: Crete
  6. Maps, Locators & Layouts
    1. The Greek Islands’ Highlights
    2. Corfu Old Town
    3. Rhodes Old Town
    4. Delos
    5. Phaestos Palace, Crete
    6. Palace of Knossos, Crete
    7. Évvia
    8. The Ionians
    9. Sights: Corfu
    10. Sights: Zákynthos
    11. Sights: Kefalloniá
    12. The Cyclades
    13. Sights: Náxos
    14. Sights: Santoríni
    15. Crete
    16. The Dodecanese
    17. Sights: Rhodes
    18. Sights: Kárpathos
    19. Sights: Kos
    20. The Northeast Aegean Islands
    21. Sights: Híos
    22. Sights: Lésvos
    23. The Argo-Saronic Islands
    24. Sights: Égina
  7. Copyright
  8. General Index