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Top 5 Features of InDesign CS4: Video QuickStart Guide

Video Description

Get up and running quickly with InDesign CS4 in this video by InDesign expert and bestselling author Sandee Cohen. Preview the five essential new features of InDesign CS4:

1. New Features of the CS4 Interface

2. Smart Guides and Other Smart Things

3. Smart Image Replacement

4. Moving to Flash

5. Live Preflight

This video is a great preview of the most popular and exciting new features in InDesign CS4. To get the rest of the story on InDesign CS4, including step-by-step techniques, hundreds of illustrations, and helpful tips, check out Sandee’s newest book, InDesign CS4 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide.

This is a streaming video. After making your purchase online, you can log into your Peachpit.com account to view the video–anytime, anywhere with Internet access. Running Time: 26m 1s