Chapter 9. Using TortoiseSVN with Bug Tracking Systems

Unless your program is a trivial one—more like a script than a full application—it's guaranteed that it will evolve over time as you find issues with it, and, once it is released, your users will find bugs too.

Most teams use an issue tracker to monitor these problems, prioritizing bugs based on how serious they are, and how many users are affected by them. It is possible to integrate TortoiseSVN with many different issue trackers, making it easy to link the commits you and your team make to the issues that they relate to.

In this chapter, we shall see how to integrate TortoiseSVN with:

  • Trac
  • Google Projects
  • Redmine
  • Jira
  • Other issue trackers

So let's get started...

Why use bug trackers?

If your usual ...

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