5.8 Translating the “iron law of kinship” into the “free competition of values”: The U.S.-American trauma narrative

This spontaneous authorization of world literature by the most heterogeneous participants who self-sacrificially consent to join it undermines the enthusiastic reading of Goethe’s Weltliteratur proposed by the Moroccan Germanist Fawzi Boubia (1985, 1988). Unreservedly endorsed by Pizer (2006: 27–28), he refutes the charges against its Eurocentric character. Goethe respects the particularity of non-European “others,” the argument goes, advocating the movement toward the non-European Other and not a dominion over it or its leveling to European dimensions. This thesis finds a supporter in David Damrosch (2003: 13). Damrosch, quoting ...

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