The Trading Psychology Process: Effective Execution

In Chapter 9, we began discussing the process of psychological development and performance enhancement with the Before-During-After framework developed by sport psychologist Charlie Maher. We focused on the mental domains (HVMSs) and high-value actions (HVAs) associated with the principle of High-Quality Preparation. These are the main tasks in the Before time frame. In this chapter, we discuss the second component of the process, During, and the core principle of Effective Execution with its associated HVMSs and HVAs.

Before we get to Effective Execution, however, I want to spend a little time clarifying the process of a trader's psychological development and trading performance enhancement. Although we are discussing each of the three principles (High-Quality Preparation, Effective Execution, and Constructive Self-Assessment) separately, and we do want to keep them logically separate to help differentiate them in our minds, they do have some overlap. Some of the HVAs and especially the HVMSs are utilized in more than one time frame. The skill of mental parking is a good example. We discussed this in High-Quality Preparation as a skill and technique that helps us focus, for instance, on our nightly homework, as we mentally park other distractions such as watching TV or going out to the pub. But the utility of mental parking isn't limited to the Before trading activites of preparation. Mental parking is an HVMS that ...

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