Final Thoughts

This is the first book that integrates mindfulness skills with performance psychology to present traders with a structured trading psychology process. Our focus has been on the mental and emotional challenges traders face and the cutting-edge psychology that can address and help the trader deal with the mental side of the game. Two things stand out. One is the importance of practicing mindfulness. The other is committing to the Before-During-After trading psychology process.

Although trading is replete with psychological challenges, if there is a secret to greater consistency and proficient performance in trading, it is developing the skill of mindful self-awareness. Mindfulness research reveals enormous benefits for traders. The practice of mindfulness trains the mind to be aware of ourselves and what our mind is telling us and, most importantly, mindfulness enables us to see that we have a choice in how we act in any given trading situation. Mindfulness helps us notice when we have become emotionally hooked by a demanding trading situation and also that we do not need to take action to appease the mind's chatter. Mindfulness, acceptance, and commitment help us remember and choose what is of value to us in our trading and perform the high-value activities that lead to optimum performance and profitable trading results.

The high-value mental skills and high-value actions (HVMS and HVAs) associated with optimal trading performance and profitable trading ...

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