The development and writing of this book was an intense 1-year team effort by 18 contributors. As the editor, I would like to acknowledge some special contributions.

International Council on Systems Engineering (Incose) Corporate Advisory Board (CAB)

The INCOSE CAB identified the need for more effective trade studies as one of their top five needs. Garry Roedler (one of the contributors) was CAB Chair when the need was identified. Max Berthold, the next CAB Chair, has continued the support. This book is one of the INCOSE activities to help meet this need. The INCOSE CAB has reviewed our plan for the book, and three INCOSE CAB representatives have become chapter authors, including Azad Madni, Cliff Whitcomb, and myself.

Incose Technical Directors

The Technical Director is a voting member of the INCOSE Board of Directors and has functional responsibility for Technical Operations. As the Technical Director at the time, Bill Miller (later one of our contributors) assigned this need to the INCOSE Decision Analysis Working Group. Paul Schreinemakers, the next Technical Director, has continued to support our effort.

Incose Decision Analysis Working Group

The INCOSE Decision Analysis Working Group, led by Frank Salvatore, has played a central role. Frank has supported our entire effort including the Decision Management input to the Systems Engineering Handbook, the Decision Management input to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK), and using working ...

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