Trading from the Gut Requires a Careful Balancing Act

Book Description

This Element is an excerpt from Trading from Your Gut: How to Use Right Brain Instinct & Left Brain Smarts to Become a Master Trader (9780137047680) by Curtis Faith. Available in print and digital formats.

How traders can make the most of both their intuition and their intellect — and why they must.

It is not sufficient to be strong and tough: the source of psychological confidence and strength matters. Traders who combine intellect and instinct–smarts and intuition–will have a much easier emotional ride. Traders who fight their instincts and let their left brains dominate when their right brains are screaming “No” will find it much harder to manage adversity.

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Product Information

  • Title: Trading from the Gut Requires a Careful Balancing Act
  • Author(s): Curtis Faith
  • Release date: March 2010
  • Publisher(s): PH Professional Business
  • ISBN: None