Chapter 12

Addressing Problems: What’s a Trainer to Do?

In This Chapter

arrow Preventing training problems

arrow Dealing with unexpected training problems

arrow Managing disruptive participants

arrow Mastering your presentation anxiety

No matter how well prepared you are, no matter how critical the training is, problems will occur. You simply cannot think of everything — but that doesn’t mean you should not try!

Remember, it’s not the disaster that matters; it is how you manage the disaster that counts. Your participants will be watching you as a role model, because they may someday be in the same situation.

In this chapter, I introduce you to the COOL technique to manage any disasters that may come your way. Staying COOL makes you appear to be the pro that you are. Most trainers have experienced these problems at one time or another — that’s how you know what works best! Your main problems are likely to involve inadequate training facilities, disruptive participants, and your own attack of nerves. What follows is a primer of problems, with the tools you need to cut them off early without losing a beat. ...

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