Chapter 27. The Fishing Trip

The Fishing Trip

Coach replied with a final text: "Those who are willing to pay the price do. See you at 5:00 A.M."

When Martin arrived at the office, still half-asleep, Coach told him they were going on a little trip. They walked to the parking lot and got in Coach Ken's truck.

Martin fell asleep as Coach Ken drove about a half hour to his favorite fishing spot at a nearby lake. When they arrived, Martin woke up, asking groggily, "Where are we?"

"Fishing. We are at one of my favorite spots on earth. Some call it a lake. I call it God's country. Now grab this fishing pole and follow me," he said as they walked through a long and windy trail until they reached a boat that was tied to a dock.

"Get in," Coach said as Martin climbed awkwardly into the boat. Coach Ken got the boat started and off they went to a quiet spot in the middle of the lake.

Martin just sat there holding the pole, wondering what in the world he was doing on a boat in the middle of a lake at 5:30 in the morning when he should be sleeping, getting ready for a full day of practice.

"You ever been fishing before?" Coach Ken asked, even though from the way Martin held a fishing pole it was clear he had no idea what he was doing.

"Only fishing I've ever done is in my bathtub," Martin quipped.

Coach Ken laughed. "Well, it's real simple. Just hold your pole up, keep your line in the water, and let the fish come to you," ...

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