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Tramline Trading: A practical guide to swing trading with tramlines, Elliott Waves and Fibonacci levels

Book Description

A straightforward, winning trading method There are certain universal chart patterns that are traced out time and time again by markets - these patterns have stood the test of time and can be instantly recognised by a skilled trader. When you learn how to spot these patterns and use them to forecast market action you have the basis of a winning trading method. Tramline Trading is a complete practical guide that shows you precisely how to do this. The Tramline Trading Method described here is a simple and complete system which combines Fibonacci levels, basic Elliott Wave Theory and John Burford's original tramline concepts. It is based on a small number of highly reliable patterns and can be put to use in any market. Every detail of how to put the method into practice is revealed, including how to spot developing patterns for high-probability, low-risk trades, where to place entry orders and stop losses, and the five best setups to look out for. Full colour chart illustrations are used throughout. As well as describing the method in full detail, John Burford also provides day-by-day trading diaries for four-month trading campaigns in gold and the Dow. These invaluable diaries show the mind of the trader as he surveys real-time market action and provide vital insight into how the trading method is used in real trading. If you are looking for a proven trading method that is reliable and easy to execute then Tramline Trading will put you on the right track. It is the essential new guide to a winning trading approach.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Publishing details
  3. Follow us, add us, like us
  4. The Tramline Trading Alert Service
  5. About the author
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Preface
  8. Introduction
  9. Part 1: The Tramline Trading Method
    1. Chapter 1: My Charting Methods
      1. 1.1 Support and resistance
      2. 1.2 Trendlines
      3. 1.3 My favourite chart patterns
      4. 1.4 Momentum
    2. Chapter 2: Charting With Tramlines
      1. 2.1 Drawing tramlines and the Tramline Trading Rule
      2. 2.2 How to find the best tramlines
      3. 2.3 The Prior Pivot Point (PPP)
      4. 2.4 Will the market change trend at a tramline?
      5. 2.5 Tramline trios
      6. 2.6 Setting protective stops with tramlines
      7. 2.7 When tramlines cross over – the Chinese hat
      8. 2.8 Using the third tramline to set a price target
      9. Summary
  10. Part 2: How To Trade The Tramline Method
    1. Chapter 3: Trading With Tramlines, Fibonacci and Elliott Waves
      1. 3.1 The Tramline Trading Rules
      2. 3.2 Trading the tramline break
      3. 3.3 Trading the head fake
      4. 3.4 Trading the wedge
      5. 3.5 Trading the “V”
      6. 3.6 Trading the kiss and scalded cat bounce
      7. 3.7 How to use Fibonacci levels
      8. 3.8 Using basic Elliott Wave Theory concepts
      9. 3.9 Context is key
      10. Summary
    2. Chapter 4: My Five Best Trade Setups
      1. 4.1 The A-B-C setup
      2. 4.2 The tramline break and kiss
      3. 4.3 The Fibonacci 62% retrace
      4. 4.4 The tramline bounce
      5. 4.5 The third wave
      6. Summary
  11. Part 3: My Trading Diary
    1. Introduction to my trading campaigns in gold and the Dow
    2. The Gold Campaign
    3. The Dow Campaign
    4. My Eleven Commandments
    5. Resources
    6. Add to your Harriman House trading library
      1. Diary of a Currency Trader
      2. Supertiming: The Unique Elliott Wave System