Transform Finance: Leveraging Analytics & Technology

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Technology is a major force, giving CFOs and the rest of the C-suite the tools not just to solve daily operational challenges, but to transform finance by using analytics and technology to create the future. But to fully leverage the strategic value of new innovations—from cloud and mobility to Big Data analytics—and the timely business insights they can provide, executives must be certain that their teams are constantly evolving. What new capabilities are needed to help their companies become more agile and make new strategies possible? How do CFOs use analytics not just to drive operational efficiencies, but create new value for their organizations? In this interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, tech leader and former CTO Allan Frank discusses the approaches that can help CFO organizations drive better corporate performance and build new strategies for the future.

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  • Title: Transform Finance: Leveraging Analytics & Technology
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  • Release date: June 2015
  • Publisher(s): Harvard Business Review
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