Selected Problems of Transformers’ Capability to Withstand Short Circuits

Władysław Pewca


1.1    Introduction

1.2    Radial Forces, Stresses, and Deformations

1.2.1    Analytical Method of Calculation

1.2.2    Numerical Method of Calculation

1.2.3    Buckling Stresses

1.3    Axial Forces, Stresses, and Deformation

1.3.1    Axial Winding Vibration

1.3.2    Critical Axial Forces

1.4    Conclusions


1.1    Introduction

Standard CEI IEC 60076-5 Power Transformers Part 5: Ability to Withstand Short-Circuit provides a basis for assessing short circuit withstand capability by calculation methods that are considered to be as reliable as the dynamic tests. The currently available Annex A to the standard provides information on ...

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