Note: Page numbers followed by “f,” “t,” and “b” refer to figures, tables, and boxes, respectively.


Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP), 43
Adaptation Fund (AF), 39–40
Africa Climate Change Fund, 43
Agricultural practices and soil health, 220–221
from carbon farming perspective, 221
deeper root systems, 221
organic farming techniques, 221
Alternative cryptocurrencies, 28
Althelia Climate Fund, 48
Arlington Experiment Farm, 227, 227
Australia’s water resources management, 145b, 195–196
“Avoiding Catastrophe” storyline, 205–209
4C supply-demand storyline, 207–208
example of complementary carbon pricing for a single market actor, 206f
hypothetical, 205–208
“100-year advance 4C price alert,” 207f
Azuri Technologies, 144–145 ...

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