Chapter 5. Where Are You in Data-Driven Marketing Maturity?

Do you feel that your marketing efforts are disconnected? Perhaps you move from one email campaign to the next, not incorporating these results into a unified experience. Maybe you serve a targeted ad on social media and see decent conversion, but you fail to provide matching offers to that customer across different channels. These scenarios reflect early stages on the path to data-driven marketing maturity; here you will learn how to move from providing touchpoints, then to journeys, then finally to experiences.

This report is about helping your organization become more customer-centric in its marketing, primarily through the adoption of CDPs. CDPs give marketers a direct line of sight into their data so they can see how their customers’ behaviors are changing in real time and adjust their strategies to keep them engaged. When data is scattered between multiple systems without a central source of truth, it often leads to disjointed, repeated, or confusing brand interactions. Those brands that aren’t making the most of this data to target and engage different segments of their audience will miss the mark and frustrate potential customers.

Chapter 3 discussed the role of the CDP in collecting and deploying data to enable personalized customer experiences. In this chapter, an explanation is provided as to why customer-centric marketing is necessarily data-driven marketing.

Customer-Driven Means Data-Driven

The Preface ...

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