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Transition to Success

Book Description

The transition to university life challenges many first-year students who experience the normative issues of adjustment during this pivotal year. The Transition to University (T2U) program uses peer-led groups to provide support and information first-year students need in order to be academically and socially successful. This book is a manual for the T2U program that outlines weekly meetings for first-year students throughout their first year of university life. These meetings are co-led by advanced-level undergraduate students who facilitate discussion and offer support, advice, and strategies to be successful throughout the first year. The book also includes a description of a supervision practicum for the student leaders with assignments and suggested readings. Finally, it includes suggestions for assessing the effectiveness of the program. This book is meant to be used in conjunction with the student leadership book, Transition to Success: Training Students to Lead Peer Groups in Higher Education (Harper & Allegretti, 2018).