Chapter 6

The Exact Crosstalk Prediction Model

In this chapter we determine a method for the exact numerical solution of the transmission-line equations for a three-conductor lossless line and the resulting crosstalk. Solution of the transmission-line equations for any lossless multiconductor line is virtually trivial, as we will see in this chapter. A SPICE (PSPICE) subcircuit model will be developed for any lossless MTL having any number of parallel conductors. Terminations (linear or nonlinear) can then be attached to that PSPICE subcircuit model, and the resulting crosstalk can be determined easily and accurately. Unlike the inductive–capacitive approximate coupling model in Chapter 5, it gives only a numerical solution and does not supply the intuition as to what causes the crosstalk that is provided with the inductive–capacitice coupling model of Chapter 5.

For three-conductor, lossless transmission lines, the first-order transmission-line equations that describe crosstalk between the two transmission lines are coupled and of the form

(6.1a) equation

(6.1b) equation

where the img vectors of line voltages and line currents have entries that are functions of position along the line, z, and time, ...

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