Chapter 15

Seeing the Five Energies in Action

In This Chapter

arrow Reviewing stock market samples

arrow Exploring forex case histories

arrow Looking at futures illustrations

arrow Checking out commodities case studies

arrow Navigating options strategies

Reading about the five-energy methodology is a good place to begin to understand the principles of the trading approach. To take your understanding to the next level, you need to look at examples of the methodology in action.

Technical analysis is a visual approach to trading, so going beyond the words and demonstrating the principles on charts is critical to understanding the method.

In working with students one-on-one, I’ve learned that they like to see examples using the specific market(s) they’re trading. For this reason, this entire chapter is dedicated to example charts of the five-energy method in action, using stocks, forex, futures, and commodities so you can see it applied to the type of market and in the time horizon you trade. I also provide illustrations ...

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