Chapter 20

Scanning Markets with Technology

In This Chapter

arrow Putting your computer to work for you

arrow Mining for day trading gold

arrow Uncovering swing trading opportunities

arrow Digging for investment treasures

One of the most common questions I hear from traders is, “How do I find good stocks, currencies, or futures to trade?”

I address that answer in a couple different ways in the preceding chapters. In Chapter 18, I show you how to create watch lists of uncorrelated markets. In Chapter 19, I discuss how to use relative strength to find which markets are stronger than others as well as how to find markets that may be about to make a major turn in direction.

In this chapter, I walk you through how to use computer programs to do the leg work in finding trading opportunities for you. Scanning for day trading, swing trading, or investing opportunities have their own unique characteristics, and I discuss each of them in this chapter.

Getting Chummy with Your Computer

Trading has come to rely on technology to such an extent that it’s important to develop savvy with technology to be an effective ...

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