Configuring PPTP

Cisco routers support PPTP voluntary tunnel mode and function as the PAC, with the client functioning as the PNS.

Configuration is not the main theme of this chapter, but because misconfiguration is always one of the most common causes of problems, basic configuration of PPTP on Cisco routers is briefly reviewed here.

A number of configuration tasks have to be completed to enable PPTP. These steps are summarized as follows:

Step 1.
Configure local authentication or remote AAA.
Step 2.
Globally enable VPDNs.
Step 3.
Configure the VPDN group.
Step 4.
Configure the virtual-template.
Step 5.
Create the IP pools.
Step 6.
Verify each step of the configuration.

To enable local authentication, all that is required is the following:

					username ...

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