Additional Troubleshooting Commands

This section introduces some additional commands that might be useful when troubleshooting PPTP.

show vpdn

The show vpdn command can be used to view basic information regarding any PPTP tunnels that have been established.

Example 3-77 illustrates the show vpdn command output.

Example 3-77. show vpdn Command Output
Arizona_PNS#show vpdn
%No active L2TP tunnels
%No active L2F tunnels
PPTP Tunnel and Session Information Total tunnels 1 sessions 1
LocID Remote Name     State    Remote Address  Port  Sessions
23                    estabd     1058  1
LocID RemID TunID Intf    Username      State   Last Chg
16    32768 23    Vi1     mjlnet      estabd  00:00:16
%No active PPPoE tunnels

In Example 3-77, you can see that one PPTP tunnel has been established, ...

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