Chapter 6. This Just Bugs Me!

In the hall of computer weirdness, there is a special section for things that just don't fit anywhere else. Call it the anomaly closet. Call it the special collection. I call it This Just Bugs Me, and it's, coincidentally, the title of this chapter.

  • Seriously, I couldn't list everything that bugs you with your computer; there aren't enough trees in the world to produce the paper needed to print that particular book.

  • Yes, even though a particular problem may be on your personal This Just Bugs Me list, it may not be in this chapter.

  • See the index or use the table of contents to discover in which chapter the problem and solution lie.

Funny Startup Noises

Yeah, I'm sure the computer could accuse you of making various funny noises when you start your day. But this book isn't titled Troubleshooting Humans For Dummies. No, this book helps you deal with unexpected noises that your computer makes when it starts. If the noises were really funny, you probably wouldn't be alarmed about the situation, which doesn't aid in the troubleshooting process.

Officially, the computer makes only the following noises when it starts (I leave it up to you to determine whether there's any humor in the following):

  • The fan inside the computer case whirs to life and makes a soft, warbling drone. The fan (and sometimes you have more than one) is responsible for keeping the console's internal components cool.

  • The hard drive spins up to speed, which makes a high-pitched humming sound that ...

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