Chapter 4 innovation

So what happens when a bunch of likeminded people get together to form a company, motivated by a purpose that genuinely inspires them to achieve a higher ideal?

You get genuine innovation. When we humans are driven from the core of our being to change something in the world — to make something good happen — we can be extraordinarily innovative. We have the capacity to become brave creative thinkers with the tenacity and confidence to find new ways. We’re driven not just by visions of money and fame and growth and success, but by the allure of changing the way the world works. For the better.

This is the key benefit of True Purpose. Authentic human motivation. Because only authentic motivation generates authentic innovation. And innovation is what drives business growth.

Let me give you a quick example. From an industry you’re probably not expecting: motorbikes.

the incredible mr honda

In the years following the end of the Second World War (1945), Japan was getting back on its feet and consumer goods were beginning to boom. Its people were firmly rejecting the feudal, militaristic culture of the past and embracing capitalism and economic growth as a more honourable path to being a respected country in the world.

Hundreds of new companies in Japan began making Western-style products, especially in the areas of electronics. Most of them started by imitating the known brands from the United States and Europe. That’s how they learned and evolved their own thinking. ...

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