how to use this book

If you’re like me, the way you read business books is a little different from the way you read a novel. At the start, you study every word like an eager student. But after a chapter or two you begin to skip the bits that bore you. Or maybe you fast-forward to the next chapter the moment you think you’ve grasped the author’s meaning on a particular theory. Or you jump to a whole other section with that eye-catching title you spotted in the Contents.

Hey, I empathise. We’re all smart, busy people. We live in a world of snack-sized information: the two-minute YouTube video, the 20-word Tweet; even the Harvard Business Review includes a summary panel at the end of its longer articles.

This particular book, though, is not so much a collection of theoretical points, but a step-by-step ‘how-to’ guide to doing what you love, earning a good living from it and making a difference to the lives of others. Perhaps many, many others.

read it like a workshop manual

There are three main parts to this book. And I humbly ask you to read the first part first. It really is in your best interests. If the content of the first part doesn’t resonate with you, then the second part won’t work and you may not even need the third part. Let me give you a snapshot of these parts and see if you agree:

  • Part One explains what True Purpose is, how The Circle of True Purpose works and why I believe it is such a potent system for anyone wanting to grow a purpose-driven business in this transparent ...

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