Chapter 6. Jeans, Jeans, You’re Young and Alive


“I bought Chico’s,” Sally smiled at the women in the focus group, and they wished they had had her foresight. The other women had all shopped at Chico’s, but only Sally was smart enough to purchase the stock. Sally is an attractive, well-dressed woman in her 60s, and she knew that Chico’s, a clothing store that appeals to women over 35, would be a grand success. She also knew that there are a lot of women like her. “We’re not Barbie dolls,” she said.[1]

The image of a reed-thin blonde as the poster child for fashion and beauty was never realistic, but now it’s ridiculous. “There’s a point where denial no longer can succeed,” says David Wolfe of the Doneger Group, a market research company ...

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