Lean Methods & Implementation / Organizational Culture
“One must learn by doing the thing; for though you think you know it, you have no
certainty until you try it.
TWI Case Studies: Standard Work, Continuous Improvement, and Teamwork
provides the insight of leading experts to assist in the execution of Training Within Industry
(TWI)—the game-changing business tool. Presented as a series of case studies from a
range of corporations with a variety of products and needs, it illustrates the rebirth of TWI
programs in the United States.
Demonstrating how TWI can benet any and all organizations regardless of industry, the
book details the specic activities decision-makers need to accomplish to successfully
incorporate TWI into the business culture—including the Ten Points for Implementing and
Sustaining the TWI “J” Programs. The case studies describe the use of TWI Programs at
some of the world’s leading companies, including:
• IBM
• Herman Miller
• Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream
• Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
• US Synthetic
Born in the 1940s, and used to support the US military during World War II, TWI Programs
later became the unrecognized yet powerful tools of the Toyota Production System.
Imparting the fundamental skills that are useful across any eld, the TWI programs
described in this book are so fundamentally sound that using them to any degree will
improve performance. Strict adherence will all but guarantee efcient work ow, higher
employee morale, and an improved sense of cohesiveness among your employees.
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TWI Case Studies
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TWI Case
Standard Work,
Continuous Improvement,
and Teamwork
TWI Case
Standard Work,
Continuous Improvement,
and Teamwork
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