Chapter 18

Ten Resources for Twitter Glory

After reading Twitter For Dummies, you should know how to set up and navigate the Twitter interface, make connections, tweet interesting content, use the latest shortcuts, and even promote your business or cause. That should make you a pro, right? Well, the thing is, Twitter is continually changing to adapt to its fast-paced, technology-loving users. That being said, it’s important to keep up with the latest and greatest Twitter trends even after you’ve finished this book. Here are the top ten resources for any next-level Twitter user.

The Official Twitter Blog

Type: Blog

What better resource is there for finding out about Twitter than Twitter itself? If you choose to subscribe to this blog, you’ll discover the latest trends on Twitter, feature updates, acquisitions, and unique ways to use Twitter. If you’re interested only in Twitter’s announcements or want to know more about live events on Twitter, you can browse the blog by tag to get the content that’s most appealing to you.


Type: Hashtag

Hashtags are great ways to find out more about a specific topic. Why? Anyone in the world can tweet great resources, quotes, and other items in real time. The hashtag #twittertips happens to get more than 250 mentions per day, representing tips from top social media influencers and other active users. If you filter this hashtag by top Tweets instead of all Tweets on

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